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Greenology AG is a young and flourishing company. We specialise in the production, breeding, cultivation, harvesting and further processing of cannabis plants for the food, leisure and medicinal sectors.


Right from the start, with breeding the mother plants via Propagation; all plants are reared under strictly controlled conditions at every point. This is in accordance with our Modus operandi - our service range covers the complete production process. In addition to professionally trained employees, we also rely on the highest quality and technology standards to ensure very high levels of yield and hygene standards. Ancillary to the constant optimisation of production and processing methods, we also see it our responsibility to be able to offer our customers the best properties according to their specific requirements


Greenology endeavours to assist any interested parties in the multi-faceted world of cannabinoids, from governmental and clinical bodies down to end user. We share expertise in all realms of the industry, and are also empassioned about furthering the geopolitical genesis of this revolution. From bloom to boom. 


Our Ethos as a Company is to achieve the best results in all we do. We pride ourselves on our high sense of ethics and social responsibility. This applies to everyone from the people we work with, to our shareholders, our clients, the environment and Mankind.



At Greenology we are strongly against the use of any chemical, synthetic or genetically modified additives or spraying agents. So definitely no horrible pesticides or herbicides here. Right across the board, from pre-production to sale. No negotiations. Nor do we believe in animal testing. We promote the responsible use of sustainable, fair trade and organic materials. 


Anytime we cooperate or collaborate with anyone, it’s important to us to make sure only those who share similar beliefs are eligible candidates for partnership.


Chemical free


Best customer support

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Greenology AG

Zugerstrasse 16

CH - 6030 Ebikon


+41 44 545 86 96


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